Totoket TV recently opened our new Community Media Center! 
After many years at a very small, second-floor location, Totoket TV, North Branford's TV station, has relocated and opened a new, 3,500 square foot Community Media Center!  Located at 1675 Foxon Road in the historic North Branford Hall (built in 1876), our new facility has plenty of space for TV studio usage, editing and the many other exciting activities we have planned.

Check out our some photos of our new facility below.
We have taken extra care to remodel the interior in a way that pays tribute to the history of the building..
LATEST VIDEOS (Click on YOUTUBE to watch full screen)
Totoket TV Shines The Spotlight on PoCo Fest '18
Dan Armin:Duques-Salway
BOE Budget 1/24/19
Join Simms Sonet as he explores the sights, sounds and foods of the 2018 North Branford Roasted Potato & Corn Festival.​​

​The program is now airing on Totoket TV (Comcast 18 or 1070, Frontier 6085) and here on using the video player to the right.
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Longtime Totoket TV Board Member Bill Bergers Passes Away
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Breakfast w/Santa 2018
Totoket TV is sad to announce that William Bergers, 90, a longtime Totoket TV Board Member and volunteer, passed away recently after a 28-year courageous battle with cancer. Bill was the husband of the late Marguerite O'Brien Bergers. Bill was very involved in Totoket TV for many years, up until recently. We will miss his smile, humor and his genuine love and dedication to Totoket TV. 
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Bill Bergers
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